It’s quite hard to picture people refusing a mojito. The chilled drink ceases the mood and helps you accustomed to a calm and peaceful feeling. Due to that, everybody wants to know how to make a mojito. But the lack of instructions or similar resources may have taken a toll on the right way to make these mouth-watering delights. So to put all these aspects to an end, we have decided to hit you with top mojitos and their recipes. So go ahead and read them loud and clear.

1. Raspberry Mojito

The Raspberry Mojito is an all-time favourite and one that people keep ordering from time to time—so learning how to make it will indeed spring up excitement and various other aspects. For this purpose, you need to first crush raspberries in order to make a fruit-packed glass that is high on taste. Soon after that, you need to put a quartered lime, raspberries and a teaspoon of caster sugar into a container. Press the ingredients using either the end of a clean rolling pin or a muddler. Add a few mint leaves and clap them together to release its flavour into the drink. Shot of rum, soda and ice stand to be final ingredients that make matters enjoyable.

Raspberry Mojito

2. Passion Fruit Mojito

The rich taste of passion fruit provides an ample number of combinations and drinks that are preferred by all kinds of people. As a result, the passion fruit mojito is quite famous and here’s who to make it. Halve two passion fruit, scooping out the centres and then strain through a fine-meshed sieve placing a bowl underneath to catch the juice. As you keep stirring it, add rum and float half a passion fruit on top as a move to add a finishing touch. Like all Mojitos, serve it chilled and cold to keep up with the flavour and style of the entire process.

3. Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail

Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail

When it comes to Pomegranate Mojito, you can either choose to go plan or opt for the cocktail version. Based on your decision, you need to ensure the addition of spirits up to a fundamental limit. As far as the primary process is concerned, you can start it by dividing the pomegranate seeds between the holes in an ice cube tray. Soon after that, you can reserve half mint for serving and leave the rest into a large jug with lime quarters. By using a rolling pin, you need to bash the mint and lime to release flavours. After adding ice cubes, strain over the pomegranate mix in a small sieve and serve it.  Garnishing it further with lime slices and mint is also recommended.


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