Calistro Bistro Dinner Menu

Chef's Signatures

Cup of Soup: Chef's whim of the days - $7

Local Roasted Dates: roasted dates, bacon vinaigrette, greens - $8

Local Egg: soft cooked whole egg, bacon vinaigrette, greens - $13

Local Organic Veggies: Love Grows Farms veg, EVOO, lemon - $8

Local Warm Goat Cheese: Crow's Dairy goat cheese, tomato, herbs - $12

House Bread + Cheese: grilled focaccia, warm cheese, tomato jam - $11

House Made Potato Chips: special salt, blue cheese dressing - $5


House Salad: local greens, local vegetable slaw, citrus beets, savory almond meal, preserved lemon vinaigrette - $8

Caesar Salad: romaine lettuce, herb croutons, fresh parmesan, eggless Caesar dressing - $8

Greek Salad: romaine lettuce, tomato, country olives, red onions, bell peppers, cucumber, local feta, oregano vinaigrette - $8

Small Plates

Crab Cake: one crab cake, herb tomato salad, green beans - $6

Tacos Carnivore: tilapia, beef, or chicken, pickled things, corn tortillas - $10

Seared Ahi Tuna: beans, potato, tomato, olives, egg vinaigrette - $12

Meatball: slow braised pork, beef, chicken meatball - $8

2 House Ground Burgers: aged cheddar, medjool date BBQ, bacon - $10

Tacos Herbivore: roasted vegetables, pickled things, corn tortillas - $10

Hummus: garlic, lemon, sumac, olives, red peppers, grilled pita - $8

Baked Vegetables: ratatouille, fresh herbs, EVOO - $11

Sweet Potato Croquettes: tempura fried sweet potato, citrus crema - $4

Main Plates

Tilapia: ratatouille, salsa verde, green bean salad, olive aioli - $19

Salmon: crispy skin, white bean ragout, roasted tomato, chorizo vinaigrette - $22

Chicken Madeira: English peas, roasted tomato, green beans, mushroom - $18

Pork Milanese: pounded all natural pork, roasted tomato, green beans, pickled fennel, arugula - $24

Beef Pot Roast: slow cooked beef, warm potato salad with bacon & leek, shallot vinaigrette, Worcestershire reduction - $23

Shrimp Pasta: hand cut tagliatelle, preserved lemon, tomato, prosciutto, fresh herbs - $21

Grilled 8 oz Sirloin Steak: Chef's compound butter - $28